Ohio Revised Code § 4737.02 - If Dealer Is A Peddler, He Need Not Hold Property Thirty Days.

If the purchaser or receiver, by exchange or otherwise, as described in section 4737.01 of the Revised Code, is a peddler, or goes about with a wagon to purchase or obtain, by exchange or otherwise, any of such articles not excepted, and does not have a place of business in a building, he need not retain such articles for thirty days before selling them, provided, on Monday of each week, he files with the mayor of the municipal corporation in which is located the place of business of the person to whom such sale is made, a copy of the record required by such section to be kept in a separate book, of the articles purchased or received during the preceding week, including a description of such articles sold, to whom sold, and his place of business.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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