Ohio Revised Code § 4737.044 - Conflicting Municipal Regulations.

No municipal corporation or other political subdivision shall enforce any regulation that is in conflict with sections 4737.01 to 4737.043 of the Revised Code. Consistent with the power of municipal corporations to exercise their rights under Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Ohio Constitution and recognizing the need for uniform commercial practices across this state, by analogy to Am. Financial Servs. Assn et al. v. Cleveland, 112 Ohio St. 3d 170, 2006-Ohio-6043, citing Canton v. State, 95 Ohio St. 3d 149, 2002-Ohio-2005, syllabus, no municipal corporation or other political subdivision shall enact or enforce a regulation or ordinance applicable to a scrap metal dealer requiring a scrap metal dealer to individually identify and retain any scrap metal purchased or received, a practice otherwise known as "tag and hold."

Effective Date: 2008 SB171 09-11-2008

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Last modified: October 10, 2016