Ohio Revised Code § 504.18 - Supplying Water Or Sewer Services.

(A) As used in this section and in sections 504.19 and 504.20 of the Revised Code, "water supply facilities" means all buildings, facilities, and pipelines acquired, constructed, or operated by or leased to a township, or to be acquired, constructed, or operated by or leased to a township, that the board of township trustees considers necessary for the storage, transportation, or treatment of water resources and the operation of facilities that supply water, together with all property rights, easements, and interests in real or personal property that may be required for the operation of the facilities.

(B) For the purpose of supplying water or sewer services to users within the unincorporated area of the township, the board of township trustees may provide a supply of water or sewer services by contract with any municipal corporation, county sewer district, or regional water and sewer district or any person, firm, or private corporation furnishing a public water supply or sewer services within or outside the township.

(C) To pay all or any part of the costs of a water supply or sewer services under this section or section 504.19 of the Revised Code, the board of township trustees by resolution may levy special assessments upon lots and lands in the township benefiting from the water supply facilities or sewer improvements and may issue unvoted securities in anticipation of the levy or collection of those special assessments in accordance with Chapter 133. of the Revised Code. At the discretion of the board, assessments may be levied by one of the following methods:

(1) By a percentage of the tax value of the property assessed;

(2) In proportion to the benefits that result from the improvements;

(3) By the front footage of the property bounding and abutting the improvements.

Effective Date: 09-20-1999

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Last modified: October 10, 2016