Ohio Revised Code § 504.20 - Construct, Maintain, Improve, Repair, Operate, And Pay Costs Of Water Supply Facilities Or Sewer Improvements.

(A) For the purpose of supplying water and providing sewer services to users within the unincorporated area of the township under a plan adopted pursuant to section 504.19 of the Revised Code, the board of township trustees by resolution may acquire, construct, maintain, improve, repair, operate, and pay all or any part of the costs of water supply facilities or sewer improvements. If the best interests of the township and the users of the water supply facilities or sewer services so require, the board may sell or otherwise dispose of a water supply facility or sewer improvement.

(B) To cover the costs of acquiring, constructing, maintaining, improving, repairing, or operating a water supply facility or sewer improvement, the board may issue general obligation bonds of the township in accordance with Chapter 133. of the Revised Code, for which the full faith and credit of the township shall be pledged.

(C) For the purpose of paying costs of constructing or otherwise improving a water supply facility or sewer improvement and paying debt service charges on voted or unvoted securities of the township issued for those purposes, and for paying costs of operating, repairing, and maintaining a water supply facility or sewer improvement, the board may charge, alter, and collect rents and other charges for the use of services of a water supply facility or sewer improvement, which rents and charges if not paid when due may be certified by the township fiscal officer to the county auditor, who shall place the same on the tax duplicate to be collected as other taxes. Those rents and charges are a lien on the property served from and after the date of entry by the county auditor on the tax duplicate.

(D) The costs of constructing or otherwise improving a water supply facility or sewer improvement may include any of the following:

(1) The purchase price of real estate or any interest in real estate;

(2) The cost of preliminary and other surveys;

(3) The cost of preparing plans, specifications, profiles, and estimates;

(4) The cost of printing, serving, and publishing notices and any required legislation;

(5) The cost of all special proceedings;

(6) The cost of labor and material, whether furnished by contract or otherwise;

(7) Interest on bonds or notes issued in anticipation of the levy or collection of special assessments;

(8) The total amount of damages resulting from the project that are assessed in favor of any owners of lands affected by the project and any interest on those damages;

(9) The cost incurred in connection with the preparation, levy, and collection of the special assessments, including legal expenses incurred by reason of the project;

(10) All contract construction costs;

(11) Incidental costs connected with the project.

(E) The board may adopt, amend, rescind, publish, administer, and enforce rules for the construction, maintenance, operation, protection, and use of water supply facilities and sewer services, that are considered necessary and advisable. The rules shall not be inconsistent with the laws of the state or the rules of the environmental protection agency. The board may enforce the rules by mandamus, injunction, or other legal remedy.

Effective Date: 09-20-1999; 12-20-2005

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Last modified: October 10, 2016