Ohio Revised Code § 5901.27 - Commission To Determine Indigency - Report To County Commissioners.

Before assuming the charge and expense of any burial or cremation, the veterans service commission, pursuant to section 5901.25 of the Revised Code, shall satisfy itself, beyond a reasonable doubt, by careful inquiry, that the family of the deceased is unable, for want of means, to defray the expenses of the burial or cremation, or that the family may be deprived of means actually necessary for its immediate support. Thereupon the commission shall cause the deceased to be buried or cremated and make a report thereof to the board of county commissioners. The report shall set forth that the commission found the family of the deceased person in indigent circumstances and unable to pay the expenses of burial or cremation. The report shall also set forth the name of the deceased, the rank and command to which the deceased belonged if a veteran, the date of death, the place of burial or disposition made of the person's cremated remains, the occupation while living, and an accurate itemized statement of the expenses incurred by reason of the burial or cremation.

Effective Date: 08-05-1998

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Last modified: October 10, 2016