Ohio Revised Code § 5901.34 - Permanent Markers And Temporary Memorial Day Markers For Graves Of Veterans.

The board of county commissioners shall, upon the petition of any five veterans of any township or municipal corporation in its county, procure for and furnish to the petitioners a suitable and durable marker for the grave of each veteran buried in the limits of the township or municipal corporation. The name of the veteran and the company, regiment, or other command in which he served may be inscribed upon the marker. The marker shall be placed on the grave by the petitioners for the purpose of permanently marking and designating the grave for memorial purposes. The board may also provide a temporary memorial day marker for each veteran's grave within the limits of the county, upon the petition of any memorial day association or veterans organization having charge of memorial day ceremonies conducted within the cemetery where veterans are buried. The board shall provide for the payment of the necessary expense of placing and setting such permanent and temporary markers.

The petitioners shall state in their petition the names of veterans buried and the number of such graves in their township or municipal corporation at the time of petitioning, and shall describe the form and character of the markers which they desire to have placed at such graves.

Effective Date: 07-22-1994

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Last modified: October 10, 2016