Ohio Revised Code § 6131.33 - Jury Verdict Form.

The jury authorized by section 6131.32 of the Revised Code, upon submission of the case to it under proper charge of the court of common pleas, and upon a form of verdict provided by the court, shall return its verdict determining the matter in issue, upon which verdict a judgment shall be entered by the court as in other civil cases. The verdict shall be signed by the jury. Nine or more of the jurors must concur in a verdict. If there is more than one appellant with separate claims on the question of allowance or compensation or damages, or the refusal to allow compensation or damages, or if there are issues as to different properties, the court may submit all the several claims and issues to the same jury, with appropriate verdicts as to each claim, or it may direct separate trials for the separate claims and issues, or any one or more of them. In said proceedings the jury shall be instructed that in its verdict for compensation for land taken or for damages to any land by an improvement it shall not consider or deduct the value of any benefits that such land will receive from the construction of such improvement.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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