Ohio Revised Code § 6131.38 - Bid Requirements.

The county engineer shall prepare the documents as specified in section 6131.24 of the Revised Code. If the improvement requires both labor and material that is used in and remains a part of the improvement, the bids referred to in section 6131.37 of the Revised Code shall state separately the bidder's offer upon each and for each bid item indicated on the form. If the plans or specifications do not name a specific grade, quality, kind, or size of any material of which different standard grades, qualities, kinds, or sizes are used, then the bids shall specify the grade, quality, kind, or size proposed to be furnished. Unless the specifications otherwise provide, all bids for material shall be considered to be for delivery at the location of the improvement and at such place as is designated by the engineer in charge of the work, except that tile or pipe of any kind shall be along the line of the improvement where the same are to be used, provided the location is accessible. Any bidder may submit a bid for any portion of the improvement that is the subject of a special estimate, whether of construction or material, providing it is for work or material that can be done or furnished independently of other work or material.

The bid form shall indicate the time that the contract shall be completed or be left blank for the bidder to establish such a time.

Effective Date: 04-09-1981

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