Ohio Revised Code § 6131.47 - Notice To Remove Or Alter Obstruction.

During the execution of the work on an improvement, the county engineer shall cause notice to be given to the owner within seven days in advance of removal or alteration of a culvert, bridge, fence, or floodgate, where the removal or alteration is necessary to the progress of the work of the improvement, to remove or make such alteration as the engineer finds necessary.

During the formulation of the plans, the county engineer shall evaluate all culverts and bridges, except those on state and federal highways, for adequacy of capacity, vertical and horizontal alignment, and stability. Any bridge or culvert found not conforming with the design of the improvement shall be scheduled for removal and replacement or repair as the engineer considers necessary.

If, in the judgment of the county engineer, the culverts and bridges were adequate in capacity or vertical and horizontal alignment at the time of their installation, the removal and replacement with a comparable, adequate culvert or bridge shall be made at the expense of the project less any costs, which shall be apportioned by the engineer, for correction, maintenance, or replacement of the culvert or bridge in whole or in part due to deterioration or instability had the structure been left in place. The latter costs shall be specially assessed to the owner.

Any culvert or bridge, except those on state and federal highways, washed out in whole or part, but otherwise meeting the requirements of the improvement, shall be scheduled in the project plans for such repairs, additions, or other corrective measures as in the opinion of the engineer are necessary to the preservation of the bridge or culvert, the costs of which shall be assessed to the owner for reasons that the culvert or bridge was improperly designed and constructed.

Fences and floodgates impeding the flow of water shall be removed as a part of the improvement. Replacement may be made by the owner, provided that prior written approval is obtained from the county engineer.

Any owner may furnish the work and material in lieu of a special assessment, provided he makes written application to the county engineer within ten calendar days after the final hearing, furnishes the work and materials in accordance with the specifications for the improvement, performs same so as not to delay the project contractor, and completes the work prior to the completion of the work on the whole improvement. Should the owner default on any or all of these conditions, the county engineer shall recommend to the board of county commissioners that the default be completed by an extra work order to the project contractor and its cost assessed to the owner.

Effective Date: 04-09-1981

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