Ohio Revised Code § 6131.51 - General Drainage Improvement Fund Payments.

All costs and expenses of improvements under sections 6131.01 to 6131.64 of the Revised Code, including contract prices of construction and the costs of locating the improvement, shall be paid from the general drainage improvement fund. No warrants shall be drawn to be paid from the fund unless it contains a sufficient amount not otherwise specifically appropriated to pay them.

The letting and approving of any contract for an improvement shall be considered a specific appropriation of the amount of the obligation, and that amount shall be set apart for the purpose of the payment and contingently charged against the fund. If at any time the fund contains the proceeds of bonds or notes issued and sold under such sections, the fund shall not be depleted below the obligations incurred by the bond or note issue unless assessments or levies have been made or ordered made in sufficient amount to redeem the bonds or notes as they fall due. If at any time obligations legally incurred exceed the amount of the drainage improvement fund, an amount of the general revenue funds in the county treasury equal to the deficiency, unless otherwise appropriated, may by resolution of the board of county commissioners be transferred to the general drainage improvement fund.

At any time after assessments collected for a drainage improvement exceed the amount allocated to the board for engineering expenses, the board of county commissioners may by resolution transfer from the drainage improvement fund to the general revenue fund of the county an amount equal to that amount as reimbursement of the sum previously transferred under section 6131.12 or 6131.30 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 04-09-1981

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