Oregon Statutes - Chapter 100 - Condominiums - Section 100.285 - Resignation of designated agent; procedures; effective date.

(1) The designated agent of the association may resign as agent by delivering a signed statement of resignation to the Real Estate Agency together with the filing fee prescribed in ORS 100.250 and giving notice in the form of a copy of the statement to the association. The statement shall include the name of the association and the name of the condominium and the county in which the condominium is located.

(2) Upon receipt of the statement of resignation in proper form and the correct fee, the Real Estate Agency shall file the resignation statement. The copy of the statement given under subsection (1) of this section shall be mailed to the association at the mailing address shown for the association in the current records of the office. For purposes of this subsection, written notice is effective at the earliest of the following:

(a) When received;

(b) Five days after its deposit in the United States mail, as evidenced by the postmark, if mailed postpaid and correctly addressed; or

(c) On the date shown on the return receipt, if sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested and the receipt is signed by or on behalf of the addressee.

(3) The agency appointment is terminated on the 31st day after the date on which the statement of resignation was filed by the Real Estate Agency unless the association sooner appoints a successor designated agent as provided in ORS 100.260 (4), thereby terminating the capacity of the prior agent.

(4) If by the 31st day after the date on which the statement of resignation was filed by the Real Estate Agency, the association has failed to submit for filing an amendment appointing a designated agent, the Real Estate Agency shall designate the filing “delinquent” and the provisions of ORS 100.265 (3) shall apply. [1989 c.595 §43a; 1993 c.190 §16; 1995 c.31 §10]

Note: See note under 100.250.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008