Oregon Statutes - Chapter 131 - Preliminary Provisions; Limitations; Jurisdiction; Venue; Criminal Forfeiture; Crime Prevention - Section 131.553 - Legislative findings; effect on local laws; remedy not exclusive.

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(a) Prohibited conduct is undertaken in the course of activities that result in, and are facilitated by, the acquisition, possession or transfer of property subject to criminal forfeiture under ORS 131.550 to 131.600;

(b) Transactions involving property subject to criminal forfeiture under ORS 131.550 to 131.600 escape taxation;

(c) Perpetrators of crimes should not be allowed to keep the proceeds and instrumentalities of their crimes;

(d) Governments attempting to respond to prohibited conduct require additional resources to meet their needs; and

(e) There is a need to provide for the forfeiture of certain property subject to criminal forfeiture under ORS 131.550 to 131.600, to provide for the protection of the rights and interests of affected persons and to provide for uniformity throughout this state with respect to the laws of this state that pertain to the criminal forfeiture of real and personal property based upon prohibited conduct.

(2) ORS 131.550 to 131.600 do not impair the right of any city or county to enact ordinances providing for the criminal forfeiture of property based upon prohibited conduct if:

(a) The property was used to commit the conduct described in the ordinances, or constitutes proceeds of the conduct; and

(b) The criminal forfeiture is subject to procedures and limitations set forth in ORS 131.550 to 131.600.

(3) Nothing in ORS 131.550 to 131.600 may be construed to limit or impair any right or remedy that any person or entity may have under ORS 166.715 to 166.735. Criminal forfeiture is a remedy separate and apart from any other criminal penalty and from civil forfeiture or any other civil penalty. [2005 c.830 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008