Oregon Statutes - Chapter 137 - Judgment and Execution; Parole and Probation by the Court - Section 137.530 - Investigation and report of parole and probation officers; statement of victim.

(1) Parole and probation officers, when directed by the court, shall fully investigate and report to the court in writing on the circumstances of the offense, criminal record, social history and present condition and environment of any defendant. Unless the court directs otherwise in individual cases, a defendant may not be sentenced to probation until the report of the investigation has been presented to and considered by the court.

(2) Whenever a presentence report is made, the preparer of the report shall make a reasonable effort to contact the victim and obtain a statement describing the effect of the defendantís offense upon the victim. If the victim is under 18 years of age, the preparer shall obtain the consent of the victimís parent or guardian before contacting the victim. The preparer of the report shall include the statement of the victim in the presentence investigation report. If the preparer is unable to contact the victim or if the victim declines to make a statement, the preparer shall report that the preparer was unable to contact the victim after making reasonable efforts to do so, or, if contact was made with the victim, that the victim declined to make a statement for purposes of this section. Before taking a statement from the victim, the preparer of the report shall inform the victim that the statement will be made available to the defendant and the defendantís attorney prior to sentencing as required under ORS 137.079.

(3) Whenever desirable, and facilities exist for conducting physical and mental examinations, the investigation shall include physical and mental examinations of such defendants.

(4) As used in this section, ďvictimĒ means the person or persons who have suffered financial, social, psychological or physical harm as a result of an offense, and includes, in the case of any homicide or abuse of corpse in any degree, an appropriate member of the immediate family of the decedent. [Amended by 1983 c.723 §1; 1993 c.14 §10; 1993 c.294 §4; 2005 c.264 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008