Oregon Statutes - Chapter 19 - Appeals - Section 19.250 - Contents of notice of appeal.

(1) The notice of appeal shall contain the following:

(a) The title of the cause. The party appealing a judgment shall be designated the appellant and the adverse party the respondent, but the title of the action or proceeding is not otherwise changed by reason of the appeal.

(b) The names of the parties and their attorneys.

(c) A notice to all parties or their attorneys as have appeared in the action or proceedings that an appeal is taken from the judgment or some specified part thereof and designating who are the adverse parties to the appeal.

(d) A designation of those portions of the proceedings and exhibits to be included in the record in addition to the trial court file. The appellant may amend the designation of record at any time after filing the notice of appeal until 35 days after the transcript is filed by filing and serving in the same manner as a notice of appeal a notice of amended designation of record. The amended notice shall clearly indicate those portions of the proceedings and exhibits being added to or deleted from the original designation of record. The designation may not be later amended by the appellant unless the appellate court so orders.

(e) A plain and concise statement of the points on which the appellant intends to rely. On appeal, the appellant may rely on no other points than those set forth in such statement. If the appellant has designated for inclusion in the record all the testimony and all the instructions given and requested, no statement of points is necessary. Not later than the 15th day following the filing of the transcript, the appellant may serve and file an amended statement of points. Except by approval of the court, the appellant may then rely on no other points than those set forth in such amended statement.

(f) The signature of the appellant or attorney for the appellant.

(2) Within 14 days after the filing of the notice of appeal or notice of amended designation of record any other party may serve and file a designation of additional parts of the proceedings and exhibits to be included in the record. Such designation shall be served and filed as provided for the serving and filing of a notice of appeal under ORS 19.240 and 19.260. If such party also appeals, the designation shall be included in the notice of appeal of the party and shall not be served and filed separately.

(3) The reporter shall prepare a transcript of such parts of the proceedings as are designated pursuant to subsection (1)(d) of this section and subsection (2) of this section. [Formerly 19.029; 1999 c.367 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008