Oregon Statutes - Chapter 194 - Notaries Public - Section 194.162 - Misrepresentation of notarial powers; notice of notarial powers and fees.

(1) A notary public may select notarial certificates pursuant to ORS 194.005 to 194.200 and 194.505 to 194.595.

(2) A notary may not make representations to have powers, qualifications, rights or privileges that the office of notary does not have including the power to counsel on immigration matters.

(3) A notary who is not licensed to practice law in this state and who advertises notarial services in a language other than English shall include in the advertisement, notice or sign, in the same language and in English, the following:

(a) A statement, prominently displayed: “I am not licensed to practice law in the State of Oregon and I am not permitted to give legal advice on immigration or other legal matters or accept fees for legal advice.”; and

(b) The fees for notarial acts specified under ORS 194.164.

(4) The notary shall post the notice required under subsection (3) of this section in a conspicuous place in the notary’s place of business.

(5) A person may not use the term “notario publico” or any equivalent non-English term, in any business card, advertisement, notice, sign or in any other manner that misrepresents the authority of a notary public. [1989 c.976 §23]

(Fees for Notarial Acts)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008