Oregon Statutes - Chapter 194 - Notaries Public - Section 194.166 - Grounds for refusal to appoint; revocation or suspension of commission.

The Secretary of State may refuse to appoint any person as notary public or may revoke or suspend the commission of any notary public upon any of the following grounds:

(1) Failure to meet or maintain the qualifications required under ORS 194.005 to 194.200 or refusal of the consent described under ORS 194.024.

(2) Substantial and material misstatement or omission of fact in the application submitted to the Secretary of State.

(3) Engaging in official misconduct.

(4) Conviction of a felony, or of a lesser offense incompatible with the duties of a notary public.

(5) Revocation, suspension, restriction or denial of a professional license issued by a governmental entity, if the revocation, suspension, restriction or denial was for misconduct, dishonesty or any cause substantially relating to the duties or responsibilities of a notary public.

(6) When adjudged liable for damages in any suit grounded in fraud or misrepresentation or in any suit based upon a failure to discharge fully and faithfully the duties as notary public.

(7) The use of false or misleading advertising wherein the notary public has represented that the notary public has powers, qualifications, rights or privileges that the office of notary does not have, including the power to counsel on immigration matters.

(8) Engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

(9) Charging more than the maximum fees adopted by the Secretary of State by rule under ORS 194.164.

(10) Failure to comply with ORS 194.162 (3) and (4).

(11) Commission of any act involving dishonesty, fraud or deceit with the intent to substantially benefit the notary public or another or substantially injure another.

(12) Failure to complete an acknowledgment at the time the notary’s signature and official seal are affixed to the document.

(13) Execution of any certificate as a notary public containing a statement known to the notary public to be false.

(14) Using officially an official seal, seal embosser or other device making an imprint or impression that does not conform to ORS 194.031 or to the rules of the Secretary of State.

(15) Failure to give notice of change of address as required under ORS 194.047 or apply for, or give notice of, a change of name as required under ORS 194.052. [1989 c.976 §25]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008