Oregon Statutes - Chapter 199 - Local Government Boundary Commissions; City-County Consolidation; Local Regulation of Shopping Carts - Section 199.460 - Jurisdiction of boundary commission over boundary changes.

(1) A boundary commission has jurisdiction of a proceeding to consider a boundary change if any part of the territory included or proposed to be included within the affected city or district is within the jurisdiction of the commission.

(2) If the territory subject to the proceeding is within the jurisdiction of two or more commissions, the highest assessed value commission shall have primary jurisdiction in the conduct of the proceeding under ORS 199.410 to 199.534, and all other commissions having jurisdiction of the territory shall cooperate in the conduct of the proceeding. On the call of the highest assessed value commission, the commissions shall meet as a joint commission to hold hearings and to adopt a final order in the proceeding. As used in this subsection, “highest assessed value commission” means the commission having jurisdiction of the greatest portion of the taxable assessed valuation of the affected territory. [1969 c.494 §10; 1971 c.462 §6; 1989 c.92 §15; 1997 c.516 §6]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008