Oregon Statutes - Chapter 210 - County Accountants - Section 210.170 - Auditing and allowing claims; financial records and reports.

(1) The county accountant shall be the accounting officer of the county. All demands, accounts or claims against the county shall be presented to the accountant with the necessary evidence in support thereof, and the accountant shall examine and audit the same. If the accountant finds such demands, accounts or claims correct, lawful, just and valid, and authorized by the board of county commissioners, the accountant shall indorse them as audited and approved, with the date thereof. After auditing and approving any such claim, the accountant shall draw an order on the county treasurer for the payment thereof, which order the county treasurer shall, when presented, either pay or indorse “Not paid for want of funds,” as provided in ORS 208.020.

(2) If a demand, claim or account and evidence in support thereof is not sufficient to satisfy the accountant as to its correctness, lawfulness, justness or validity, the accountant shall indorse the same as audited and rejected, with the date thereof, and report the same to the board of county commissioners with such explanation as the accountant may deem necessary.

(3) The accountant shall receive and preserve in the office of the accountant all accounts, books, vouchers, documents and papers relating to the accounts and contracts of the county, its debts, revenues and other financial affairs.

(4) The accountant shall give information as to the exact condition of the treasury and of every fund thereof upon demand by the board of county commissioners, or any member thereof.

(5) All claims approved and ordered paid shall be numbered consecutively, and the order drawn for the same shall designate the fund out of which it is payable. [Amended by 1981 c.216 §7; 1983 c.310 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008