Oregon Statutes - Chapter 210 - County Accountants - Section 210.210 - Duties and powers of accountant.

A county accountant shall:

(1) Keep a register of all claims presented against the county and place upon each a uniform mark or stamp, to indicate that it has been examined by the accountant.

(2) Keep an account with each department of the county government and with each county official.

(3) Check the deposits made with the county treasurer, by the several officers, of the fees received daily by them, and the fines, forfeited bails and all county, school, road, state or other funds received from any source and deposited with the county treasurer.

(4) Establish and maintain, in each department and office of the county, such system of keeping accounts and transacting the county business as shall secure accuracy, economy and protection of the county’s interests.

(5) At all times have access to any and all public books, records, and documents kept by the various officers of the county.

(6) See that all fees, dues or funds of any description, or on any account to which the county is entitled, are deposited with the county treasurer; and immediately report to the board of county commissioners any officer in default in this regard.

(7) Examine all reports of sheriffs, as to the collection of taxes, and all other general or special reports of officers or persons where any of the county’s finances are involved, and report to the board of county commissioners findings and recommendations in each case.

(8) Prepare and publish, at the close of business on June 30 of each year, a statement showing the contracts entered into by the county for the year covered by the report, the name of the contractor, the work contracted for, the amount of the same, whether the bonds were required and the amount and whether let privately or by public bidding, and also publish a certified statement of the assets and liabilities of the county.

(9) Prepare at least once in each calendar year an exhibit of all receipts and disbursements of the county fund for the year. Such exhibit shall also include a detailed statement of the expenses of the county, segregated as to each office and each department of the county government and business, showing the total amounts for which warrants or orders were issued or drawn during the year, and a statement showing the total amount of money paid into the county treasury for the year, from what source derived, and the amounts apportioned to the various funds. [Amended by 1981 c.216 §11; 1983 c.310 §12; 1991 c.683 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008