Oregon Statutes - Chapter 221 - Organization and Government of Cities - Section 221.354 - Trial by jury in criminal cases.

(1) In all prosecutions for any crime defined and made punishable by any city charter or ordinance the defendant shall have the right of trial by jury, of six in number. Juries shall be selected from the latest tax roll and registration books used at the last city election in the same manner in which juries are selected for circuit courts. The verdict of the jury shall be unanimous.

(2) Where provision is made for the payment of jury fees by the defendant as a deposit to ensure a jury trial, and where the defendant is found not guilty, the deposit shall be returned to the defendant.

(3) The deposit required by the municipal court to ensure the right of trial by jury, under the charter of the city, shall not be greater than that provided by ORS 10.061 in courts other than circuit courts for payment for each juror sworn multiplied by the number of jurors constituting a jury under the terms of the charter. [Formerly 221.349]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008