Oregon Statutes - Chapter 25 - Support Enforcement - Section 25.100 - Transfer of files to county where party resides or property located.

(1) With respect to any order or judgment entered pursuant to ORS 107.095, 107.105, 108.120, 109.155, 416.400 to 416.465, 419B.400 or 419C.590 or ORS chapter 110, if a party seeking modification or enforcement of an order or judgment for the payment of money files a certificate to the effect that a party is presently in another county of this state, the court may, upon motion of the party, order that certified copies of the files, records and prepared transcripts of testimony in the original proceeding be transmitted to the clerk of the circuit court of any county in this state in which the obligee or obligor resides, or in which property of the obligor is located.

(2) Any files, records and prepared transcripts of testimony maintained in the county to which certified copies have been transmitted as provided in subsection (1) of this section shall be auxiliary to those maintained in the county of origin, whose files, records and prepared transcripts shall remain the official record.

(3) The original of any order entered in the auxiliary county under ORS 25.110 shall be entered in the files and records of the auxiliary county and certified copies thereof shall be forwarded to the county of origin for filing. The party submitting the original order for signature shall submit an extra copy for forwarding by the clerk and shall indicate on that copy where it is to be forwarded.

(4) Notwithstanding any file number assigned in the auxiliary county for purposes of identification, the file number assigned in the county of origin shall be the reference number for all purposes including support payment records in the Department of Justice. [Formerly 23.795; 1993 c.33 §283; 1995 c.608 §27; 1995 c.609 §4; 1997 c.704 §18; 1999 c.80 §43; 2003 c.576 §296]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008