Oregon Statutes - Chapter 25 - Support Enforcement - Section 25.130 - Election of alternative support payment method; termination of election.

(1) The parties may elect to make support payments as provided in ORS 25.030 unless the provisions of ORS 25.020 (1) apply. The election terminates when the provisions of ORS 25.020 (1) apply subsequent to the election.

(2) The election must be in writing and filed with the court that entered the support order. The election must be signed by both the obligor and the obligee and must specify the amount of the support payment, the date payment is due, the court order number and:

(a) The account number of the checking or savings account that is to be used; or

(b) The name of an escrow agent, licensed under ORS 696.511, to whom, and the account number into which, the payments are to be electronically transferred.

(3) Notice of termination of the bank or escrow agent option and payment requirements pursuant to ORS 25.020 or 25.030 shall be sent by the Department of Justice to the obligor’s and to the obligee’s last-known address. [Formerly 23.807; 1993 c.596 §3; 1995 c.608 §8; 1997 c.704 §19; 1999 c.80 §80; 2003 c.210 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008