Oregon Statutes - Chapter 25 - Support Enforcement - Section 25.167 - Procedure for determining arrearages.

This section establishes procedures for determining the amount of arrearage and for making a record of arrearage of support payments. All of the following apply to this section:

(1) A record of support payment arrearage may be established by:

(a) Court order;

(b) A governing child support judgment issued under ORS 25.091 or 416.448;

(c) Administrative order issued under ORS 416.427 or 416.429;

(d) Stipulation of the parties; or

(e) The procedures under subsection (2) of this section whenever an existing child or spousal support case enters the Department of Justice records system without a current payment record maintained by any court clerk.

(2) When allowed under subsection (1) of this section, arrearage amounts may be established under this subsection. All of the following apply to this subsection:

(a) The obligee or obligor may execute a certificate in a form acceptable to the Department of Justice that states the total amount owed or the payment history in as much detail as is necessary to demonstrate the periods and amounts of any arrearage.

(b) The person making the certificate shall file the original certificate with the court in which the support judgment was entered. When a governing child support judgment has been issued, the person making the certificate shall file the original certificate with the court that issued the governing child support judgment.

(c) The person making the certificate shall serve a true copy of the certificate upon the other party together with a notice that the certificate will be the basis of a permanent record unless the other party files objections.

(d) For objections to be valid under paragraph (c) of this subsection, the other party must file the objection with the court within 14 days from the date of service of the certificate and must mail or serve true copies of the objections on both the party who filed the certificate and either:

(A) The district attorney; or

(B) If support rights are or have been assigned to the State of Oregon at any time within the last five months or if arrears under the support judgment are so assigned, the Division of Child Support of the Department of Justice.

(e) If objections are filed within the time allowed, the party filing the certificate must file a supplemental certificate that is in a form acceptable to the department and that provides any information concerning the payment history that the department determines necessary.

(f) If objections are filed within the time allowed, the district attorney or the Division of Child Support shall cause the case to be set for a court hearing. At the hearing, the court shall consider the correctness of the certificate but may not consider objections to the merits of the support judgment. The parties may settle the case by written agreement anytime before the court hearing. Notice of the court hearing shall be served upon the party filing the objections as authorized in ORCP 9 B.

(g) If no objections are filed under this subsection within the time allowed, the amount of arrearage stated in the certificate is the amount owed for purposes of any subsequent action. The district attorney or the Division of Child Support shall file with the court a certificate stating the arrearage established under this paragraph.

(3) When a request for accounting and distribution services is made under ORS 25.164, an agency or court may not take or allow any ex parte enforcement action on amounts owed as arrearage from before the time that the Department of Justice commences support accounting and distribution until the amount is established under this section. This subsection does not prohibit or limit any enforcement action on support payments that become due subsequent to the departmentís commencement of support accounting and distribution under ORS 25.164.

(4) In any determination under this section, a canceled check, payable to the obligee, indorsed by the obligee or deposited to an account of the obligee, drawn on the account of the obligor and marked as child support shall be prima facie evidence that child support was paid to the obligee in the amount shown on the face of the check. It is immaterial that the check was signed by a person other than the obligor, provided that the person who signed the check was an authorized signatory of checks drawn on the account. [Formerly 25.330; 2003 c.146 §7; 2003 c.576 §298]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008