Oregon Statutes - Chapter 261 - People's Utility Districts - Section 261.605 - Testing validity of certain commission and board proceedings.

(1) The board of directors of a people’s utility district may by petition commence proceedings in the circuit court of the county in which the district, or the greater portion thereof, is located, for the purpose of having a judicial examination and judgment of the court as to regularity and legality of proceedings in connection with creation of the district, including:

(a) Any action or proceeding of the county governing body proclaiming the creation of the district, or declaring the result of any general or special election therein.

(b) The proceedings of the board and district providing for and authorizing issue and sale of bonds of the district, whether such bonds or any of them have or have not been sold or disposed of.

(c) Any order of the board levying a tax.

(d) The legality of the authorization of any contract with the United States and the validity of such contract, whether or not it has been executed.

(2) All proceedings of the district may be judicially examined and determined in one special proceeding, or any part thereof may be separately examined and determined by the court. [Amended by 1979 c.558 §27]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008