Oregon Statutes - Chapter 261 - People's Utility Districts - Section 261.630 - Institution of proceeding by elector; directors as parties; notice.

(1) Any elector of the district within 30 days after the entry of any order, or the performance of any act mentioned in ORS 261.605, and for which a contest is provided by that section, may bring a like proceeding in the circuit court of the county where the district, or the greater portion thereof, is located, to determine the validity of any of the acts, orders or things enumerated in ORS 261.605 to 261.615 and concerning which the right of contest is given by those sections.

(2) In such proceedings the board of directors shall be made parties defendant. Service of summons shall be made on the members of the board personally if within the county where the district or any part thereof is situated. As to any directors not within such county, service may be had by publication of summons for a like time and in like manner as provided by ORS 261.610. Service shall be deemed complete within 10 days from the date of personal service within the county and within 10 days from the date of completion of the publication, as the case may be.

(3) Such proceedings shall be tried and determined in the same manner as proceedings brought by the district itself.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008