Oregon Statutes - Chapter 271 - Use and Disposition of Public Lands Generally; Easements - Section 271.130 - Vacation on city governing body’s own motion; appeal.

(1) The city governing body may initiate vacation proceedings authorized by ORS 271.080 and make such vacation without a petition or consent of property owners. Notice shall be given as provided by ORS 271.110, but such vacation shall not be made before the date set for hearing, nor if the owners of a majority of the area affected, computed on the basis provided in ORS 271.080, object in writing thereto, nor shall any street area be vacated without the consent of the owners of the abutting property if the vacation will substantially affect the market value of such property, unless the city governing body provides for paying damages. Provision for paying such damages may be made by a local assessment, or in such other manner as the city charter may provide.

(2) Two or more streets, alleys, avenues and boulevards, or parts thereof, may be joined in one proceeding, provided they intersect or are adjacent and parallel to each other.

(3) No ordinance for the vacation of all or part of a plat shall be passed by the governing body until the city recording officer has filed in the office of the city recording officer or indorsed on the petition for such vacation a certificate showing that all city liens and all taxes have been paid on the lands covered by the plat or portion thereof to be vacated.

(4) Any property owner affected by the order of vacation or the order awarding damages or benefits in such vacation proceedings may appeal to the circuit court of the county where such city is situated in the manner provided by the city charter. If the charter does not provide for such appeal, the appeal shall be taken within the time and in substantially the manner provided for taking an appeal from justice court in civil cases. [Amended by 1995 c.658 §101]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008