Oregon Statutes - Chapter 271 - Use and Disposition of Public Lands Generally; Easements - Section 271.180 - Vacations in municipalities included in port districts; petition; power of common council; vacating street along railroad easement.

To the end that adequate facilities for terminal trackage, structures and the instrumentalities of commerce and transportation may be provided in cities and towns located within or forming a part of any port district organized as a municipal corporation in this state, the governing body of such cities and towns, upon the petition of any such port, or corporation empowered to own or operate a railroad, steamship or other transportation terminal, or railroad company entering or operating within such city or town, or owner of property abutting any such terminal, may:

(1) Authorize any port commission, dock commission, common carrier, railroad company or terminal company to occupy, by any structure, trackage or machinery facilitating or necessary to travel, transportation or distribution, any street or public property, or parts thereof, within such city or town, upon such reasonable terms and conditions as the city or town may impose.

(2) Vacate the whole or any part of any street, alley, common or public place, with such restrictions and upon such conditions as the city governing body may deem reasonable and for the public good.

(3) If any railroad company owns or has an exclusive easement upon a definite strip within or along any public street, alley, common or public place, and if the city governing body determines such action to be to the advantage of the public, vacate the street area between the strip so occupied by the railroad company and one property line opposite thereto, condition that the railroad company dedicates for street purposes such portion of such exclusive strip occupied by it as the city governing body may determine upon, and moves its tracks and facilities therefrom onto the street area so vacated. The right and title of the railroad company in the vacated area shall be of the same character as previously owned by it in the exclusive strip which it is required by the city governing body to surrender and dedicate to street purposes.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008