Oregon Statutes - Chapter 275 - County Lands - Section 275.190 - Cash or installment sale; rights and liabilities of installment purchaser.

(1) Sales made under ORS 275.110 to 275.250 must be to the highest and best bidder:

(a) For cash; or

(b) For not less than 10 percent of the purchase price in cash with the remainder to be paid under a purchase agreement in equal installments over a term not exceeding 20 years from the date of sale and with deferred payments bearing interest from the date of sale at a rate set by the governing body of the county and payable annually.

(2) In advertising for bids, the county shall state whether the sale will be made for cash or by purchase agreement. If by a purchase agreement that allows for deferred payments, the county shall also state the term and the rate of interest to which the county will agree.

(3) The purchaser shall have the possession of, and the income from the premises so long as the purchaser is not in default in the performance of the purchase agreement with the county, but shall forfeit the purchaserís rights under the agreement and to all payments made pursuant thereto if the purchaser fails to pay the purchase price or any part of the purchase price, principal or interest, or to pay, before delinquency, the taxes thereafter levied against the premises, or commits or suffers any strip or waste of or on the premises, or violates any other reasonable provision of the purchase agreement that the governing body of the county may see fit to require. The purchaser shall have the privilege of prepayment without penalty. The provisions of this subsection must be incorporated in the purchase agreement. [Amended by 1969 c.208 §1; 1981 c.412 §3; 2005 c.243 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008