Oregon Statutes - Chapter 278 - Insurance for Public Bodies - Section 278.435 - Fund to operate on actuarially sound basis; apportionment; assessment; advances; repayment.

(1) It is the intent of the Legislative Assembly that the individual components of the Insurance Fund, as well as the total fund, operate on an actuarially sound basis and that the assessments and charges shall reflect this policy.

(2) The Oregon Department of Administrative Services may apportion to and collect from each state agency, officer, board or commission or any participating local public body, its contribution as determined by the department to purchase insurance or administer self-insurance programs, including administrative expenses, for coverages authorized by this chapter.

(3) The apportionment shall be based, to the extent possible, upon the factors which reflect the relative risk and loss experience of each state agency, officer, board or commission or participating local public body.

(4) The department may assess a state agency, officer, board or commission the cost of providing specific risk management services requested by a state agency, officer, board or commission.

(5) In any year when the moneys in the Insurance Fund are not sufficient to keep the fund or any of its components actuarially sound and to make all payments required in carrying out the provisions of this chapter, funds may be advanced from other funds in the State Treasury under the provisions of ORS 293.205 to 293.225. Prior to any advance to the Insurance Fund under the provisions of ORS 293.205 to 293.225, approval shall be obtained from the Joint Ways and Means Committee of the Legislative Assembly, if the Legislative Assembly is in session, or the Emergency Board.

(6) Moneys advanced to the Insurance Fund as provided in this section shall be repaid from the Insurance Fund in annual installments, with interest as provided in ORS 293.220. The amount of the installments shall be fixed by the department at such amount as can be reasonably expected to liquidate the indebtedness of the Insurance Fund in not more than 10 years.

(7) In order to assure that the moneys advanced to the Insurance Fund are repaid as specified in subsection (6) of this section, the department may make such assessments to state agencies or participating local public bodies or their legal successors. [1985 c.731 §5; 1989 c.40 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008