Oregon Statutes - Chapter 285A - Economic Development I - Section 285A.303 - Findings; purpose.

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(a) Local government is experiencing increasing difficulty in obtaining necessary financing for eligible community development projects, such as public works projects, causing project delays and significant increased costs to property owners and municipalities.

(b) The improvement, expansion and new construction of eligible community development projects contributes to orderly economic growth by providing the framework necessary to attract industry to this state and to promote increased employment opportunities and other community improvements which are for the benefit of the people of Oregon.

(c) It is important, therefore, that state agencies authorized to distribute state or federal funds for such improvements be able to provide programs and allocate moneys that will provide the greatest impetus to community development opportunities in Oregon.

(2) Since municipalities in this state often suffer from a lack of available financing for eligible community development projects, it is the purpose of ORS 285A.300 to 285A.312 to provide financial assistance to municipalities in order that they may develop and construct community development projects and may construct, improve and repair facilities necessary for orderly community development. [Formerly 285.683]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008