Oregon Statutes - Chapter 291 - State Financial Administration - Section 291.203 - Tax expenditure report by Governor.

(1) Not later than November 10 of each even-numbered year, the Governor shall cause the tax expenditure report to be compiled and prepared for printing.

(2) In the tax expenditure report, the Governor shall:

(a) List each tax expenditure;

(b) Identify the statutory authority for each tax expenditure;

(c) Describe the purpose of each tax expenditure;

(d) Estimate the amount of revenue loss caused by each tax expenditure for the coming biennium;

(e) List the actual amount of revenue loss in the preceding biennium for each tax expenditure or an estimate if the actual amount cannot be determined;

(f) Determine whether each tax expenditure is the most fiscally effective means of achieving each purpose of the tax expenditure;

(g) Determine whether each tax expenditure has successfully achieved the purpose for which the tax expenditure was enacted and currently serves, including an analysis of the persons that are benefited by the expenditure; and

(h) Categorize each tax expenditure according to the programs or functions each tax expenditure supports. [1995 c.746 §65]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008