Oregon Statutes - Chapter 291 - State Financial Administration - Section 291.305 - Meaning of “administrative expenses” in law appropriating money or limiting expenditures; limitation not appropriation of money otherwise unavailable to agency.

(1) As used in the laws enacted by the Legislative Assembly appropriating money or limiting expenditures, the term “administrative expenses” means, unless the context requires otherwise, those expenditures that are included under the classifications of expenditures, except debt service and special payments expenditure categories, which are prepared and prescribed, pursuant to ORS 291.206, for the purpose of budget-making and accounting during the biennium for which such laws appropriating money or limiting expenditures are enacted.

(2) In the laws enacted by the Legislative Assembly, the establishment of maximum limits for expenditures from, or for the payment of administrative expenses from, fees, moneys or other revenues collected or received by any agency is not intended as an appropriation of moneys not otherwise available to such agency. [1963 c.182 §§1,3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008