Oregon Statutes - Chapter 293 - Administration of Public Funds - Section 293.812 - Definitions.

As used in ORS 293.811 to 293.817:

(1) “Company” means any sole proprietorship, organization, firm, association, corporation, utility, partnership, venture, public franchise, franchisor, franchisee or its wholly owned subsidiary that exists for profit-making purposes or otherwise to secure economic advantage.

(2) “Doing business” means maintaining equipment, facilities, personnel or any other apparatus of business or commerce in Sudan, including the ownership or possession of real or personal property located in Sudan.

(3) “Investment” or “invest” means the commitment of funds or other assets to a company, including a loan or other extension of credit made to that company, or the ownership or control of a share or interest in that company or of a bond or other debt instrument issued by that company.

(4) “Subject investment funds” means:

(a) The Public Employees Retirement Fund referred to in ORS 238.660;

(b) The Industrial Accident Fund referred to in ORS 656.632;

(c) The Common School Fund referred to in ORS 327.405;

(d) The Oregon War Veterans’ Fund referred to in ORS 407.495; and

(e) Investment funds of the State Board of Higher Education available for investment or reinvestment by the Oregon Investment Council.

(5) “Sudan” means the Republic of the Sudan and any territory under the administration, legal or illegal, of Sudan, including but not limited to the Darfur region. [2005 c.774 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008