Oregon Statutes - Chapter 305 - Administration of Revenue and Tax Laws; Appeals - Section 305.720 - Qualification for entity for contributions by checkoff.

Subject to ORS 305.710, 305.723 and 305.745, an entity qualifies for listing on the eligibility roster for form listing to receive contributions by means of checkoff if:

(1) The entity supports private charitable causes or engages in public activities that are consistent with policies and programs of the state and:

(a) Checkoff resources are used to augment existing programs or provide new funding to related activities of proven value. Checkoff funds are not to be used to meet the administrative expenses of the entity;

(b) Programs funded by checkoff resources must result in substantial and direct benefits to the human and natural resources of the state that the Oregon Charitable Checkoff Commission determines are unlikely to occur under existing public and private programs; and

(c) After checkoff resources are received by the entity, the entity shows a pattern over several years of increasing its total revenues from other than checkoff sources or reaches the level where no more than 50 percent of its revenues are from checkoff sources.

(2) The entity is qualified to receive contributions that are tax deductible under the following:

(a) Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code (relating to contributions and gifts to charitable and governmental entities).

(b) Section 501(k) of the Internal Revenue Code (relating to contributions to certain organizations providing child care).

(c) Section 7871 of the Internal Revenue Code (relating to contributions to Indian tribal governments).

(d) Any other federal law allowing a deduction from federal individual income tax for charitable contributions to an entity classified by rule of the Department of Revenue as being an entity belonging to the general class described in paragraphs (a) to (c) of this subsection.

(3) The entity makes application for listing within the time and in the manner prescribed by ORS 305.725.

(4) The entity files a financial report, and other information, with the commission as described under ORS 305.730.

(5) The entity received $25,000 or more in checkoff contributions in at least one of the two tax years immediately preceding the tax year for which it is to be listed on the Oregon income tax return. This subsection does not apply if the entity has not been included on the Oregon personal income tax return for each of the two tax years immediately preceding the tax year for which determination for purposes of this subsection is being made. [1989 c.987 §9; 2007 c.822 §5]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008