Oregon Statutes - Chapter 312 - Foreclosure of Property Tax Liens - Section 312.260 - Lands acquired by county by tax foreclosure where title fraudulently concealed from owner.

(1) If the title to lands acquired by any county by tax foreclosure was fraudulently concealed from the rightful owner, devisee, beneficiary, heir, creditor or other person having an interest therein, or was unlawfully obtained, held or controlled by or through fraudulent conveyance or other fraud, without knowledge on the part of such person, such person shall be entitled to a conveyance of the lands by purchase from the county by a purchase agreement provided in ORS 275.190 (1) at a price equivalent to the delinquent taxes thereon, with interest and without personal property taxes charged against the land, including lands of which the wrongdoer is owner of record or assignee of owners of record impressed with a trust for the benefit of such person or deeded or assigned to such person by the wrongdoer pursuant to any suit, action, proceeding or settlement respecting the fraudulent concealment or unlawful holding or control.

(2) Such person may cause to be filed with the county clerk of the county at any time while the title to any such lands is held by the county, written notice of intention to purchase the lands or any part thereof under this section, describing the lands. The notice shall be acknowledged and recorded in the deed records and a copy thereof served upon the district attorney of the county. The purchase of the land shall be completed by cash or execution of the agreement within one year from the filing of the notice or the final determination of the suit, action, or proceeding.

(3) This section shall not apply to or affect the title to any such lands dedicated to public use or conveyed by the county prior to the filing of the notice, but shall apply to lands sold by the county to an innocent purchaser under contract, in which case such person succeeds to the interest of the county in the contract subject to the rights of the innocent contract purchaser. [Amended by 2005 c.243 §32]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008