Oregon Statutes - Chapter 312 - Foreclosure of Property Tax Liens - Section 312.390 - Request by lienholder for notice of proposed sale for delinquent city assessments or liens.

Any mortgagee or other holder of a recorded lien upon real property may file with the city treasurer of the city or town in which the property is situated a request that notice of a proposed sale of the property for delinquent city assessments or liens thereon be given to such mortgagee or other lienholder. The request shall contain the name and address of the person, firm or corporation filing it, the name of the owner or reputed owner of the property, the description of the property, and the date of the expiration of the mortgage or lien. Notice need not be given after the date of the expiration of the mortgage or lien unless a further request therefor is filed. If the mortgagee or lienholder furnishes a duplicate form of request for that purpose, the city treasurer shall certify thereon to the filing of the request and deliver or mail the duplicate to the party filing it.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008