Oregon Statutes - Chapter 343 - Special Education Services - Section 343.511 - Interagency agreements to provide services; contents.

(1) The Department of Education shall enter into written interagency agreements with state or federal agencies contracting for, or providing services to, preschool children with disabilities or who are at risk of developing disabling conditions, and their families.

(2) Each interagency agreement shall include:

(a) Components necessary to insure effective cooperation and coordination among the agencies involved in providing services to preschool children with disabilities.

(b) A clear description of financial responsibility of the agencies for paying for early childhood special education and early intervention services, case management services and other services to preschool children with disabilities and their families.

(c) Procedures for resolving, in a timely manner, interagency disputes regarding services, eligibility or financial responsibility related to eligible children.

(d) A description of each agency’s procedure for resolving internal disputes regarding the agency’s services, eligibility determination or financial responsibility.

(e) A process for the Department of Education to follow to achieve resolution of disputes within the agency entering into the agreement with the department, if the given agency is unable to resolve its own internal disputes within 60 calendar days. [1991 c.749 §14]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008