Oregon Statutes - Chapter 358 - Museums; Historical Societies; Preservation of Historical and Archaeological Properties and Objects; Oregon Historic Families Database - Section 358.612 - Duties of State Historic Preservation Officer.

The State Historic Preservation Officer:

(1) Shall conduct or cause to have conducted a comprehensive, statewide survey to identify districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that are potentially significant in Oregon history, prehistory, architecture, archaeology and culture;

(2) Shall prepare and implement a comprehensive statewide historic preservation plan to assist local governments in developing their preservation programs and participate in the national program;

(3) Shall maintain a statewide inventory of historic properties;

(4) Shall create a mechanism for an Oregon State Register of Historic Properties in which to record significant historic properties with the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation developing the criteria for such properties;

(5) Shall nominate properties of historical, prehistoric architectural, archaeological and cultural significance to the Oregon State Register of Historic Properties and to the National Register of Historic Places;

(6) Shall administer state and federal tax incentive provisions for the preservation of properties on the state and national registers;

(7) Shall provide information on federal and state tax benefits for preservation projects;

(8) Shall administer grant programs to conduct surveys of historic properties and to assist the development of properties on the state and national registers;

(9) Shall provide or assist other appropriate state agencies in providing information and education on the economic and social benefits of developing historical and cultural resources;

(10) Shall provide public education and information to foster the purposes of ORS 358.565 to 358.622;

(11) Shall provide technical assistance as funds permit;

(12) Shall work with local, statewide and national organizations to develop means of promoting historic preservation, including legislation, financing, education, easements, conferences and workshops and audio-visual materials;

(13) Shall, when a project involves Native American concerns, work with the Commission on Indian Services, project administrators and the local Indian tribes or communities to insure that these concerns are adequately addressed;

(14) May review and comment on the impact of publicly funded projects and programs;

(15) May accept gifts and grants to be used for purposes consistent with ORS 358.565 to 358.622; and

(16) Subject to the availability of funds therefor, serve as staff for the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation. [1983 c.268 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008