Oregon Statutes - Chapter 36 - Mediation and Arbitration - Section 36.522 - Enforcement of award; procedure; fee; entry of judgment.

(1) An arbitral award, irrespective of the country in which it was made, shall be recognized as binding and, upon application in writing to the circuit court, shall be enforced subject to the provisions of this section and ORS 36.524.

(2) The party relying on an award or applying for its enforcement shall supply the authenticated original or a certified copy of the award and the original or certified copy of the arbitration agreement referred to in ORS 36.466. If the award or agreement is not made in the English language, then the party relying on the award or applying for its enforcement shall supply a duly certified translation thereof into the English language.

(3) The party relying on an arbitral award or applying for its enforcement shall deliver to the clerk of the circuit court the documents specified in subsection (2) of this section along with proof of the delivery of a copy of the arbitral award as required by ORS 36.514 (4). The relying party shall pay to the clerk a filing fee of $25, after which the clerk shall enter the arbitral award of record in the office of the clerk. If no application to set aside is filed against the arbitral award as provided in ORS 36.520 within the time specified in ORS 36.520 (3) or, if such an application is filed, the relying party after the disposition of the application indicates the intention to still rely on the award or to apply for its enforcement, judgment shall be entered as upon the verdict of a jury, and execution may issue thereon, and the same proceedings may be had upon the award with like effect as upon a verdict in a civil action. [1991 c.405 §38]

Note: Section 15 (12), chapter 860, Oregon Laws 2007, provides:

Sec. 15. (12) In addition to the fee provided for in ORS 36.522 (3), for the period commencing September 1, 2007, and ending June 30, 2009, the clerk of the circuit court shall collect a surcharge of $1 for the filing of an arbitral award or application for enforcement of an arbitral award under ORS 36.522. [2007 c.860 §15(12)]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008