Oregon Statutes - Chapter 410 - Senior and Disability Services - Section 410.250 - Duties of type A agencies.

Each type A area agency shall:

(1) Conduct local planning functions for Title III of the Older Americans Act and Oregon Project Independence.

(2) Develop a local plan for service delivery that complies with federal and state requirements and is in accord with locally determined objectives consistent with the state policy on aging. This plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Department of Human Services.

(3) Assess the needs of elderly persons within the planning and service delivery area for service for social and health services, and determine what resources are currently available to meet those needs.

(4) Assume the responsibility of determining services required to meet the needs of elderly persons, assure that such services are provided within the resources available and determine when such services are no longer needed.

(5) Endeavor to coordinate and expand existing resources in order to develop within its planning and service area a comprehensive and coordinated system for the delivery of social and health services to elderly persons.

(6) Serve as an advocate within government and within the community at large for the interests of elderly persons within its planning and service area.

(7) Make grants to or enter into contracts with any public or private agency for the provision of social or health services not otherwise sufficiently available to elderly persons within the planning and service area.

(8) Monitor and evaluate the activities of its service providers to insure that the services being provided comply with the terms of the grant or contract. Where a provider is found to be in breach of the terms of its grant or contract, the area agency shall enforce the terms of the grant or contract.

(9) Conduct research, evaluation, demonstration or training activities appropriate to the achievement of the goal of improving the quality of life for elderly persons within its planning and service area.

(10) Comply with department requirements that have been developed in consultation with the area agencies for client and fiscal information and provide to the department information necessary for federal and state reporting, program evaluation, program management, fiscal control and research needs. [1981 c.784 §12]

(Type B Agencies)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008