Oregon Statutes - Chapter 410 - Senior and Disability Services - Section 410.604 - Duties of commission; executive director.

(1) The Home Care Commission shall ensure the quality of home care services by:

(a) Establishing qualifications for home care workers with the advice and consent of the Department of Human Services as the single state Medicaid agency;

(b) Providing training opportunities for home care workers and elderly persons and persons with disabilities who employ home care workers;

(c) Establishing and maintaining a registry of qualified home care workers;

(d) Providing routine, emergency and respite referrals of home care workers;

(e) Entering into contracts with public and private organizations and individuals for the purpose of obtaining or developing training materials and curriculum or other services as may be needed by the commission; and

(f) Working cooperatively with area agencies and state and local agencies to accomplish the duties listed in paragraphs (a) to (e) of this subsection.

(2)(a) The commission shall enter into an interagency agreement with the department to contract for a department employee to serve as executive director of the commission. The executive director shall be appointed by the Director of Human Services in consultation with the Governor and subject to approval by the commission, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Director of Human Services. The commission may delegate to the executive director the authority to act on behalf of the commission to carry out its duties and responsibilities, including but not limited to:

(A) Entering into contracts or agreements; and

(B) Taking reasonable or necessary actions related to the commissionís role as employer of record for home care workers under ORS 410.612.

(b) The commission shall enter into an interagency agreement with the department for carrying out any of the duties or functions of the commission, for department expenditures and for the provision of staff support by the department.

(3) When conducting its activities, and in making decisions relating to those activities, the commission shall first consider the effect of its activities and decisions on:

(a) Improving the quality of service delivered by home care workers; and

(b) Ensuring adequate hours of service are provided to elderly persons and persons with disabilities by home care workers.

(4) The commission has the authority to contract for services, lease, acquire, hold, own, encumber, insure, sell, replace, deal in and with and dispose of real and personal property in its own name. [2001 c.901 §3; 2007 c.70 §180; 2007 c.797 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008