Oregon Statutes - Chapter 432 - Vital Statistics - Section 432.333 - Reports on fetal deaths.

(1) Each fetal death of 350 grams or more, or, if weight is unknown, of 20 completed weeks gestation or more, calculated from the date last normal menstrual period began to the date of delivery, that occurs in this state shall be reported within five days after delivery to the county registrar of the county in which the fetal death occurred or to the Center for Health Statistics or as otherwise directed by the State Registrar of the Center for Health Statistics. All induced terminations of pregnancy shall be reported in the manner prescribed in ORS 435.496 and shall not be reported as fetal deaths.

(2) When a fetus is delivered in an institution, the person in charge of the institution or a designated representative shall prepare and file the report.

(3) When a fetus is delivered outside an institution, the physician in attendance at or immediately after delivery shall prepare and file the report.

(4) When a fetal death required to be reported by this section occurs without attendance by a physician at or immediately after the delivery or when inquiry is required by ORS 146.003 to 146.189 and 146.710 to 146.992, the medical examiner shall investigate the cause of fetal death and shall prepare and file the report.

(5) When a fetal death occurs in a moving conveyance and the fetus is first removed from the conveyance in this state or when a fetus is found in this state and the place of fetal death is unknown, the fetal death shall be reported in this state. The place where the fetus was first removed from the conveyance or the fetus was found shall be considered the place of fetal death.

(6) All information regarding the father shall be entered on the fetal death report if the father is identified. [1983 c.709 §13; 1989 c.171 §54; 1997 c.783 §33]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008