Oregon Statutes - Chapter 442 - Health Planning - Section 442.583 - Medical technology assessment program; content; advisory committee.

(1)(a) The Health Resources Commission shall develop a medical technology assessment program that addresses the introduction, diffusion and utilization of medical technologies and their associated services and shall make recommendations regarding the programís implementation.

(b) The assessment program developed pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subsection shall include the results of at least two medical technology assessments to be selected by the commission. The commission shall select one new and emerging medical technology and one established medical technology to be assessed.

(c) The program shall include criteria for selection of the medical technologies to be assessed.

(d) The commission shall appoint and work with an advisory committee whose members shall have the appropriate expertise to develop a medical technology assessment program. The advisory committee shall present its recommendations to the commission at a public hearing. The commission shall conduct public hearings to solicit testimony and information from health care consumers prior to making the report described in subsection (2) of this section. The commission shall give strong consideration to the recommendations of the advisory committee and public testimony in developing its report.

(2)(a) The commission shall present its findings and recommendations in a report to the Governor and the appropriate interim legislative committees on or before April 1, 1994. The report shall include, in addition to at least two medical technology assessments, a determination of the supply and distribution of medical technology and associated services that are required to meet the need for medical technology in the five years following the completion of the assessment.

(b) The report also shall identify strategies and contain recommendations:

(A) Regarding the programís implementation, including which agency should implement the program;

(B) To promote compliance with the program regarding the introduction, diffusion and utilization of those medical technologies assessed;

(C) Regarding whether the state should have a regulatory function and, if so, which agency should carry out that function; and

(D) Regarding the collection, storage and dissemination of data required for a technology assessment program.

(3) To insure that confidentiality is maintained, no identification of a patient or a person licensed to provide health services shall be included with the data submitted under this section, and the commission shall release such data only in aggregate statistical form. All findings and conclusions, interviews, reports, studies, communications and statements procured by or furnished to the commission in connection with obtaining the data necessary to perform its functions shall be confidential pursuant to ORS 192.501 to 192.505.

(4) All data and information collected, analyzed and summarized by professional and trade associations conducting quality assurance and improvement programs shall be considered confidential and shall not be admissible in any legal proceeding or used to create a legal standard of care. However, such data and information may be submitted to the commission on request and shall remain confidential and inadmissible. [1993 c.754 §5 (enacted in lieu of 442.582)]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008