Oregon Statutes - Chapter 454 - Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems - Section 454.705 - Bond; content; action on bond; notice of bond.

(1) An applicant for a license required by ORS 454.695 shall execute a bond in favor of the State of Oregon. The bond shall be in the amount established by rule by the Environmental Quality Commission and shall be executed by the applicant as principal and by a surety company authorized to transact a surety business within the State of Oregon as surety.

(2) The bond shall be filed with the Department of Environmental Quality and shall provide that:

(a) In performing sewage disposal services, the applicant shall comply with the provisions of ORS 454.605 to 454.755 and with the rules of the Environmental Quality Commission regarding sewage disposal services; and

(b) Any person injured by a failure of the applicant to comply with ORS 454.605 to 454.755 and with the rules of the commission regarding sewage disposal services shall have a right of action on the bond in the name of the person, provided that written claim of such right of action shall be made to the principal or the surety company within two years after the services have been performed.

(3) Every person licensed pursuant to ORS 454.695 shall deliver to each person for whom services requiring such license are performed, prior to the completion of such services, a written notice of the name and address of the surety company which has executed the bond required by this section and of the rights of the recipient of such services as provided by subsection (2) of this section. [1973 c.835 §218; 1975 c.171 §1; 1999 c.551 §11]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008