Oregon Statutes - Chapter 459 - Solid Waste Management - Section 459.135 - Marion County authority over private facility in county.

Subject to ORS 459.145 and the requirements of ORS 459.005 to 459.437 and 459.705 to 459.790, a public or private disposal, transfer or material or energy recovery site or facility shall not be established, modified or extended in Marion County without the prior approval of the board of county commissioners. The board may deny an application for the establishment, modification or extension of a site or facility if pursuant to its solid waste management plan the county has either:

(1) Entered into contracts obligating the county to supply or direct minimum quantities of solid wastes to sites or facilities designated in the contract in order that those sites or facilities will operate economically and generate sufficient revenues to liquidate any bonded or other indebtedness incurred by reason of those sites or facilities; or

(2) Adopted a franchise system for the disposal of solid or liquid wastes. [1981 c.386 §3; 1993 c.560 §20]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008