Oregon Statutes - Chapter 459 - Solid Waste Management - Section 459.432 - Policy.

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:

(a) Batteries have come to play an important role in the advancement of social, medical and economic concerns.

(b) It is important to advance environmental interests without unnecessary interference with, or complications of, local, interstate and international commerce to the detriment of our state’s economy.

(c) It is important to provide clear, safe and practical guidelines to our state’s citizens, businesses and governmental bodies.

(d) There are inherent differences in batteries and products using batteries with respect to their composition, distribution and application.

(2) In the interest of the public health, safety and welfare and in order to conserve energy and natural resources, it is the policy of the State of Oregon to:

(a) Require that the mercury content in alkaline manganese batteries be reduced to a level that minimizes risk to public health and environment, and prohibit the sale in Oregon of batteries having a mercury content above that level.

(b) Maximize consumer acceptance and convenience in accomplishing important objectives of environmental protection.

(c) Minimize unnecessary administrative expense to the state and avoid undue burdens on the state’s consumers, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. [1991 c.653 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008