Oregon Statutes - Chapter 461 - Oregon State Lottery - Section 461.140 - Biennial budget report to Legislative Assembly.

(1) The Oregon State Lottery Commission shall prepare in each even-numbered year a budget report for the biennium beginning July 1 of the following year.

(2) The commission estimates and requests and appropriation measures shall be prepared in a manner approved by the Legislative Fiscal Officer.

(3) Not later than November 10 of each even-numbered year, the commission shall cause its budget estimates and requests to be made available to the Governor, the Legislative Fiscal Officer and to the Legislative Revenue Officer. Before December 1, the Legislative Fiscal Officer or staff and the Legislative Revenue Officer or staff shall not reveal to any other person the contents or nature of the budget and other materials, except with the written consent of the commission.

(4) The commission shall furnish the Legislative Assembly any further information required concerning its budget. The commission, upon request, shall furnish a representative to assist the Legislative Assembly, its Joint Committee on Ways and Means, appointed under ORS 171.555, and the Legislative Revenue Officer in the consideration of its budget and any accompanying measures.

(5) In all other respects the budget of the Oregon State Lottery Commission shall be treated in the same manner as the budgets of all other state agencies. [1985 c.302 §15]

(State Lottery Director)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008