Oregon Statutes - Chapter 464 - Games - Section 464.350 - Limitation on operation of games; rules.

(1)(a) The Department of Justice by rule may establish limits on the number of hours per day and days per week that organizations licensed by the department may operate bingo or lotto games or Monte Carlo events.

(b) The department, by its rules, shall not permit the operation of bingo or lotto games by any licensee for more than 15 hours in any one week nor for more than three days in any one calendar week.

(2) An organization authorized by law to operate Monte Carlo events:

(a) May not conduct more than seven Monte Carlo events in any 12-month period;

(b) May not directly or indirectly rent a facility for a Monte Carlo event from a licensed manufacturer or supplier of Monte Carlo event equipment; and

(c) May not enter into a binding legal contract with a licensed supplier of Monte Carlo equipment to conduct events for a period in excess of one year.

(3) No Monte Carlo event shall be conducted that exceeds 12 hours in length. For the purposes of this subsection, each 12-hour period shall begin at the official starting time of the Monte Carlo event and run continuously, whether or not contests of chance are continuously operated.

(4) Monte Carlo events shall not be conducted at the same location more than 15 times in a calendar month or more than 40 times in a calendar year. [1987 c.914 §8; 1997 c.867 §9; 2003 c.14 §297; 2003 c.417 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008