Oregon Statutes - Chapter 469 - Energy; Conservation Programs; Energy Facilities - Section 469.605 - Permit to transport required; application; delegation of authority to issue permits; fees; rules.

(1) No person shall ship or transport radioactive material identified by the Energy Facility Siting Council by rule as posing a significant hazard to public health and safety or the environment if improperly transported into or within the State of Oregon without first obtaining a permit from the State Department of Energy.

(2) Such permit shall be issued for a period not to exceed one year and shall be valid for all shipments within that period of time unless specifically limited by permit conditions.

(3) Application for a permit under this section shall be made in a form and manner prescribed by the Director of the State Department of Energy and may include:

(a) A description of the kind, quantity and radioactivity of the material to be transported;

(b) A description of the route or routes proposed to be taken and the transport schedule;

(c) A description of any mode of transportation; and

(d) Other information required by the director to evaluate the application.

(4) The director shall collect a fee from all applicants for permits under this section in an amount reasonably calculated to provide for the costs to the department of performing the duties of the department under ORS 469.550 (3), 469.563, 469.603 to 469.619 and 469.992. Fees collected under this subsection shall be deposited in the State Department of Energy Account established under ORS 469.120.

(5) The director shall issue a permit only if the application demonstrates that the proposed transportation will comply with all applicable rules adopted under ORS 469.603 to 469.619 and if the proposed route complies with federal law as provided in ORS 469.606.

(6) The director may delegate the authority to issue permits for the transportation of radioactive material to the Department of Transportation. In exercising such authority, the Department of Transportation shall comply with the applicable provisions of ORS 469.603 to 469.619 and rules adopted by the director or the Energy Facility Siting Council under ORS 469.603 to 469.619. Permits issued by the Department of Transportation under this subsection shall be enforced according to the provisions of ORS 825.258. The director also may delegate other authority granted under ORS 469.605 to 469.619 to other state agencies if the delegation will maintain or enhance the quality of the transportation safety program. [1981 c.707 §5; 1989 c.6 §4; 1991 c.233 §3; 2003 c.186 §36]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008