Oregon Statutes - Chapter 526 - Forestry Administration - Section 526.274 - Authority to participate in federal forest management.

In furtherance of the policy established in ORS 526.271, the State Board of Forestry, in consultation with the Governor, may:

(1) In conformance with federal law, including Public Law 108-7, direct the State Forester to facilitate the development of stewardship contracts utilizing private contractors and, when appropriate, to seek and enter into a stewardship contract agreement with federal agencies to carry out forest management activities on federal lands. The State Forester may, under the stewardship contract agreements:

(a) Perform road and trail maintenance;

(b) Set prescribed fires to improve forest health, composition, structure and condition;

(c) Manage vegetation;

(d) Perform watershed restoration and maintenance;

(e) Restore wildlife habitat;

(f) Control exotic weeds and species; and

(g) Perform other activities related to stewardship.

(2) Create a forum for interagency cooperation and collaborative public involvement regarding federal forest management issues that may include, at the discretion of the board, the appointment of advisory committees, the use of existing advisory committees and procedures for holding public hearings.

(3) Provide guidelines for the State Forestry Department and State Forester to follow that contain directions regarding the management of federal lands and that specify the goals and objectives of the board regarding the management of federal lands.

(4) Participate, to the extent allowed by federal law, in the development of federal forest policies and the forest management planning processes of federal agencies.

(5) Provide guidelines for the department to follow in implementing this section.

(6) Coordinate with Oregon State University, the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Economic and Community Development Department, the State Department of Energy and other agencies of the executive department, as defined in ORS 174.112, to assist the State Forestry Department in carrying out the provisions of this section. [2005 c.772 §2]

Note: See note under 526.271.

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